NCPMA Partners with EVOLVEYT.COM to Create Member Opportunity


NCPMA is once again taking the lead in the pest control industry and giving back to its members by awarding two companies a chance to partake in a groundbreaking approach to the way service managers interact with their technicians. 

Two companies are going to get the unique opportunity to experience this paradigm shifting approach for a member of their field service team! Two scholarships are being awarded for free. The first is a $20,000 scholarship for the Accelerated Gross Profit Program (AGP) and the second is a $28,000 scholarship for the Field Service Manager Vetting Program and AGP

Phil Cooper, CEO of Evolve YT,  was always curious why service-based companies spent thousands of development dollars on their service managers with little to no significant impact on their direct reports and the business. Phil and his team reached the conclusion that there was a gap between what the managers learned from their leadership training (books, webinars, classes, etc) and application of their learning to day-to-day activities, in order to build muscle memory to make their teams and businesses great. By combining education with certified real-time implementation in the field, the Accelerated Gross Profit Program ignites the growth of field service teams to fuel employee happiness, retention, talent acquisition and profit.   

NCPMA board has been carefully watching the development of this program and have seen the impacts to service managers, their teams, and the business. NCPMA wants to showcase the Accelerated Gross Profit Program by offering two scholarships to our members, demonstrating what the future of service manager development can be. 

Applications are open and must be completed and submitted  by May 1. The winning scholarship recipients will be announced by May 12. Companies may apply for one or both of the scholarships.

Accelerated Gross Profit Scholarship - $20,000 

Accelerated Gross Profit is a metric driven solution that takes traditional learning and applies it to real time day to day activities with a coach (implementor) that holds the enrolled service manager accountable.  Over a period of 18-24 months the manager masters 24 tools, becoming strong in six fundamentals (Greatness, Leadership, Communications, Generations, Costs, Talent) which moves five metrics on: Employee Productivity, Employee Happiness, Customer Happiness, Talent Acquisition, and Cost Reduction.  These five metrics ultimately move gross margin 2-4 points (on average a gross profit increase of $100K per year for manager with a team of 10 technicians). 

Field Service Manager Vetting Program & Accelerated Gross Profit Scholarship - $28,000

The Field Service Manager Vetting Program is ideal for a company that is unsure of who the next best front line service manager will be. We will take the candidates and provide an unbiased, third-party opinion and stack ranking of the candidates and their likelihood of success in the AGP program. The best candidate moves forward into the full Accelerated Gross Profit Program.