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Issues hiring? Not getting the candidates you desire? The workforce is quickly changing, so don't get left behind. Here are benefits we have found to have positive effects in recruiting the top talent you are looking for. Candidates today are looking for more than a paycheck, they are seeking the best overall experience and environment.  


  • This can be a major factor when a candidate is making a decision about an opportunity. As part of the overall package do you offer a 401K? Paid vacation? Significant referral bonus? Birthdays off? Big or small - benefits make a difference. 

Flexible Scheduling

  • After Covid this has become almost the norm. For service work this is difficult to implement, but think about your office staff, customer service, human resources, etc. This might not be something you can implement everyday, but think of ways to get creative. 

Paid Training

  • Can you offer a signing bonus? Ideally you could split it up over time to make sure the employee works out. Or you could offer increased pay for the first 30, 60 or 90 days as they train and get adjusted to the role.

Company Events/Vacations

  • When was the last time you had a company event? This is a huge morale booster regardless of the activity. Be sure to make it fun, invite their families and limit the work talk. Also, many companies are taking all or qualified employees to summer conferences, national meetings and company vacations.   

Growth Opportunities

  • More than anything else candidates today want the opportunity to grow within a company. They want to know that there is a path for progression. Do you have this? Can a candidate grow within your organization? Inform the candidate of these steps in the interview process. 

Full-TIme Recruiters

  • Do you have a full-time recruiter in house? This is a great opportunity to install consistency in the hiring process, maintain a backlog of candidates at all times and have a point person for new hires.