The North Carolina Pest Management Association now offers the Associate Certified Entomologist prep course and exam at the Pest Control Technician's School.​ ACE Program

Why sign up for this prep course?  

Because unlike any other ACE prep course offered in the country, our goal is to help you through the process from the Entomological Society of America (ESA) application to passing the exam.  2019 was the inaugural year of this program, and 7 out of the 9 participants passed the exam!!

Benefits offered to you.

  • Once you submit your commitment form, you will be assigned a mentor that will work with you to complete all the paperwork required by ESA to take the exam.
  • You will receive your study book immediately.
  • Your mentor will work with you from the time you commit until the day of the prep course.
  • Your mentor will be available to answer questions, encourage you and send you practice tests to start preparing on how to take the exam.  Our goal is for you to feel prepared when you walk in to review for the exam.
  • Start preparing NOW to become an Associate Certified Entomologist by completing and submitting your commitment form.  

Contact us for more information and upcoming dates.