Leadership Development Academy

The NCPMA Leadership Development Academy is a new and innovative 3-part development program which will provide participants with a fresh take on leadership skills and strategies that can be immediately put to practical use in any size company, department or even in your personal life. Leadership Development Academy

The program is customized to the Pest Management Industry. So, if you have been thinking about sharpening your leadership skills, or have a team member in your company that you would like to see grow to the next level of leadership capability, then please have them complete and submit an application. 


Let’s take a brief look at the 4 main goals for this program

  • Identify and gain knowledge of the indispensable qualities possessed by great leaders. 
  • Design your personalized leadership development plan. 
  • Align your leadership development with your strengths for maximum personal success. 
  • Align your plan to the needs of your company for maximum business success  


The program consists of 3 in-person sessions, and requires travel and overnight stays (not covered by tuition). Each session will involve numerous individual exercises, group breakout learning, introspection and knowledge sharing. There will be some homework and a team project which will require some work in between sessions as part of your development. 

Session 1: The first session will cover leadership qualities associated with Organizational Leadership. This session will provide a Results focused orientation and provide you with the Strategic and Critical Thinking skills necessary to set a Direction for your team with a strong Purpose and Roadmap for Implementation.

Session 2: This session is truly unique and will cover topics on Personal & Team Leadership. The essence of this session is built around the Interpersonal leadership qualities necessary to understand what drives people to do what they do. This will allow you to understand how best to develop others while inspiring high performance for your team.

Session 3: This session is considered the Implementation Toolbox where we will get a chance to explore the leadership qualities of Innovation, Leading Change and the ability to make the Decisions necessary to stay focused on the great ideas for your business.

Leadership Development Academy Graduates

Congratulations to the individuals who have completed the NCPMA Leadership Development Academy.

2023 Graduates
Margie Alsbury (Manning’s Pest Control)

Jason Choate (Pest Management Systems, Inc.)

Chad Cordell (Go-Forth Pest Control)

Chris Cozart (Rid-A-Pest)

Raylene Galloway (Pisgah Pest Control)

Chris Hunnicutt (City Wide Exterminating)

Will Miller (Clint Miller Exterminating)

Jeff Rigsby (Four Seasons Pest Control)

Melissa Smith (City Wide Exterminating)

Adam Spillman (Go-Forth Services)

Andrew Taylor (Economy Exterminators)

Zack Taylor (Capital Pest Services)

Joel Trakimowicz (Economy Exterminators)

Erin Vanderfleet (Pest Management Systems, Inc.)

William Walker (Rid A Bug Exterminating)

Lora Webster (Rid-A-Pest)