Member Benefits

As members of the North Carolina Pest Management Association (NCPMA), our members get access to a large number and wide variety of important tools that help them run their businesses more efficiently, productively and profitably.  In addition, our members receive access to valuable benefits that many pest management professionals could not afford on their own.  Many of these benefits are free with a paid membership and some are offered at significantly reduced rates to our members.

To learn more about our membership benefits and how joining NCPMA can help you grow as a pest professional, please contact us.

Business Development

  • Networking and business development opportunities
  • Access to and discounts on the Annual National Pest Management Convention
  • NCPMA Summer Meeting
  • Regional workshops and seminars by NCPMA and NPMA: Your Source for Our Industry’s Strongest Training and Education
  • Discounted advertisement opportunities for NCPMA members
  • Access to discounts and more from the National Pest Management Association

Continuing Education

  • Pest Control Technicians’ School, sponsored by NCPMA
  • Assistance and lectures from North Carolina State University’s Department of Entomology
  • Members-only training programs and classes

Industry Information

  • Monthly updates on state of the art pest management techniques
  • NPMA Resource Center
  • Monthly subscription to The Tar Heel Pest Management News (delivered via Email to all members)

Industry Promotion

  • Industry awareness programs
  • “Tell the Public” programs
  • Leadership development projects

Public Affairs

  • Lobbying on statewide and national levels through the association’s professional lobbyist
  • Legislative Day: Grass Roots Pest Control Advocacy