Social Media in Job Searches

Social Media allows potential recruits to get a feel for what the company is like before they apply. By encouraging potential recruits to get to know the company culture before accepting a position, you ensure the candidate is the right fit for the company.

Why are more and more employers (and candidates) turning to social media for openings?   Let Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (X), Linkedin and YouTube do some work for you and help build your employment brand by conveying your company culture to potential recruits and attracting new staff. You can brand your social media channels, post photos, and host videos. 

With these companies having over 3.5 billion combined users, recruiters are smart to leverage social networks to attract potential job candidates.  .

Twitter - With your social recruiting tool, you can create ‘Twitter Cards’ to attach rich photos, videos, and media to your tweets and pack a bigger punch with a more expressive messaging beyond the limit

Facebook - Facebook spans every age group, gender, and ethnicity, so diverse exposure isn’t an issue. 

LinkedIn - It's the world’s largest professional network and most frequented social media platform for recruiting, LinkedIn is an important screening tool. 

Instagram - Be sure to create unique content for this channel which favors more personal and highly stylized content.

YouTube - YouTube allows you to broadcast your brand. Did you know that social video generates more social shares than text and images combined?