Fall Pests: Preventing Fire Ants

Fall is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy our state’s fantastic weather. But as you walk, you may see mounds of red dirt near the cracks and edges of sidewalks.

Don’t touch! These are fire ant mounds.

Fire ants will bite and sting whoever has disturbed their nest, which can be very painful.  A person who steps on a mound can be covered with hundreds of fire ants within seconds leaving behind painful bumps and welts.

So, what are these pests? Here in North Carolina we have Red Imported Fire Ants. These pests are reddish brown and can be 1/8”-3/8” long. 

These mounds can be especially noticeable during the Fall months as the ants begin to seek and forage food for winter months. But, this also makes Fall a great time of year to prevent these pests from returning in summer months!

If you see fire ant mounds around your property, don’t mess with them yourself. Call a professional like one of our member companies to help.