How to Prevent Spring Pests This Winter

Winter is the perfect time to prevent spring pests according to the North Carolina Pest Management Association (NCPMA). As the weather turns colder, NCPMA reminds North Carolinians to not give up on their regular lawn maintenance. 

“Many homeowners welcome the break from regular lawn maintenance through the winter months, but this is actually the best time to begin preventing infestations during the upcoming warmer months,” said Chase Hazelwood, NCPMA board member. “Since many pests are looking for places to spend the winter months, it’s important to act now to prevent future infestations.”

The NCPMA recommends the following steps to prevent pests over the winter months.

  • Check Firewood Piles Regularly. Having a crackling fire throughout the winter months is cozy for humans.  Many pests, however, love to nest in firewood piles throughout the winter months. Check these piles regularly for signs of ants, termites and spiders that may inhabit them.
  • Dispose of Leaf Piles and Yard Debris.  Although leaf piles may be fun to jump into, they can also be welcome places for pests to build nests.  Dispose of any leaf piles or yard debris piles in a timely manner to discourage any pest infestations.
  • Remove Visible Cobwebs and Nests.  If you see cobwebs or nests around the home, make sure to remove them safely.  If needed, contact a professional for help!
  • Eliminate Standing Water and Damp Areas.  Eliminate standing water in or around your house to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes and make sure to eliminate any damp areas of soil around your foundation to discourage termites.
  • Call a Professional.  If you suspect a pest infestation in your home, contact a professional pest management company in your area to discuss the best treatment or prevention options. A NCPMA member company in your local area can be found at