The Latest From NCPMA's Video Series: DIY Pest Prevention

Guest Author – Diane Remes of Go-Forth Pest and Lawn

The North Carolina Pest Management Association (NCPMA) has released a short “Do-It-Yourself” video guide on the pest prevention measures you can attempt before enlisting pest professionals!

NCPMA’s goal has always been to share knowledge about the latest pest management techniques with both pest management providers and the public. In the past we have shared how to identify a termite from a flying ant, the basics on how to prevent bed bugs, and what pests to look out for each season.

Now we are providing you with this DIY home pest prevention guide to make protecting your home easy against all types of pests.

Our video will show you the most common points of entry pests use to invade your home and will provide tips to manage those areas and stop them. It gives you the full scope of pest prevention measures by covering both interior and exterior areas of the house that you should inspect, and tell you how you should treat any problems you find! For each problem area and prevention method provided you will also learn what types of pests you are affecting, so you can determine which methods are right for your specific pest concerns. These methods are meant to provide simple steps you can take to prevent some pest infestations from starting. DIY pest prevention can go a long way!

Keep in mind that this guide may not remedy a present pest infestation, and certain pests always need professional treatment, such as bed bugs or termites. Pest management services should be considered if you discover any outbreak of pests in your home, or if pests persist after following this guide. If you find yourself in need of pest services, NCPMA has a list of certified and accredited companies to give you the assistance you need for your specific pest problems.

Remember that prevention is the first step against any possible pest invasion!