A Note from NCPMA's 2020-2021 President: John Adkins

Guest Post by John Adkins, 2020-2021 NCPMA President

Dear Members,

I think it's safe to say that this year has brought us new challenges that we never thought we would face.  When we were at the 2020 PCT School in Raleigh, we would never have guessed that within 60 days we would find ourselves in a Global pandemic, and life would change forever.  

As business owners and managers, we have had to juggle regular duties and responsibilities along with the added concerns of COVID-19.  We have had to rethink how we do workplace safety, customer safety, scheduling, training, continuing education credits for technicians, as well as how to handle the onboarding of new technicians.  Doing all of this while also concerned about how the virus will affect our families, our businesses and our health has made for a stressful 2020.

As an industry we have been fortunate that early on we were deemed as a necessary service by the state and federal government.  This was promoted heavily by the North Carolina Pest Management Association and the National Pest Management Association with help from members like you reaching out to your elected representatives.  Together we were a strong voice for our industry, our companies and our livelihood.  

During the past several months the Board has worked to make sure our Association stands on firm ground and is meeting the challenges presented by this Pandemic.  Our Public Relations Committee has worked hard to make sure the membership has had the best information with regard to the state's COVID-19 policies and rules. They have also monitored and passed along information with regard to PPP loans and provided helpful information to assist business owners in the application process. The Board of Directors has moved, changed or canceled some meetings that were scheduled in the spring and has adapted to using virtual meetings.  

Although we gain much from in-person trainings, we are planning our fall training meetings to be held virtually since North Carolina is still currently at Phase 2.  This will provide a unique opportunity for companies to have their employees earn credits from their home or office without added travel time or travel expense.  Information about the "Virtual Fall Meetings" will be coming soon.

It is my hope and prayer that each of you will remain safe and healthy and diligent in the work that you do each day with a thankful heart of how we have all been blessed.  

My best to you and yours,

John Adkins, II

NCPMA President