Pest Questions? NCPMA PestLine Open Throughout April

April is here! It’s Pest Management Month and the start of our NCPMA PestLine!

We are so excited to once again offer the NCPMA PestLine for consumers. For five years, we have offered this as a service to consumers who are seeking questions about pests. It’s been wonderful to help connect consumers with pest experts that can help them identify pests and recommend treatment and prevention options.

And at no charge!

Have you ever wondered what that bug is in your house? Email a picture to us, and our pest experts can help you find out.

Think you might be seeing signs of termite damage in your home? Email us your questions and pictures, and we’ll tell you what to look for and how to find a NCPMA member in your area.

Are you seeing strange signs of pest activity in your yard? We can answer those questions too.

Share your questions with us, and our members will be happy to answer them.  There are three ways you can contact us.