Recent rainfall & El Niño may lead to pest or structural damage

North Carolina has seen weeks of record rainfall this season and more is expected due to the strong El Niño that is predicted for this winter.  This increased rainfall can lead to costly damage for some homeowners, according to the North Carolina Pest Management Association (NCPMA).

The NCPMA today urged homeowners to seek expert assistance in evaluating, treating and preventing the moisture in and around their homes.

“Weather experts say that El Niño is expected to bring a lot of wet weather to the South this winter. Proper moisture management by a trained professional can protect a home from water damage as well as damage from pests saving homeowners thousands of dollars in potential damages,” said Chase Hazelwood of Go-Forth Pest & Lawn in High Point and board member of NCPMA.

A pest management company can evaluate a home’s moisture problems and identify the sources of those issues.  The company may recommend installing a moisture barrier in a crawlspace or basement.

“As pest management professionals, we know that proper pest management includes protecting your entire home. Leaving a moisture problem untreated can lead to costly structural damage and can also promote termite infestations. Pest management professionals are trained to identify sources of moisture in homes and develop a strategy for treating and preventing future moisture damage,” Hazelwood said.